Video: High-Desert Fly Fishing for Wild Trout

Here’s a cool video about fishing a tiny stream in the high Utah(?) desert for small, wild trout. (I’m guessing Utah based on the videographers’ previous visit to Yuba Reservoir.) I love small-stream, dry-fly fishing, and this production captures the essence of the pursuit.

6 thoughts on “Video: High-Desert Fly Fishing for Wild Trout”

  1. Fishing like that is why I hike on bad knees for hours to get to a high mountian stream. Nothing beats the dry fly action with wild trout!

  2. What a gem of a creek. I love small mountain streams myself but I’ve never fished a high desert stream.

  3. where I live in western pa. most of our streams have been degraded by years of coal mining. but if you don’t mind walking and know where to go we still have a few gems of small streams left.

  4. It was on a small desert stream in Utah. It is one of my favorite places. I hope we can keep sharing our trips/videos with you. This is the second that we have worked on, Yuba Pike being the first. Let us know if you have any ideas for us.

  5. I love the angler’s temperament of the dog! He stays on the fisherman’s side, without spooking the fish. Great video and great dog as well

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