Video: How to Hold Your Line Hand During a Cast

Here’s another installment in our series featuring Pete Kutzer of the Orvis Fly Fishing Schools, in which he shows you how to hold your line hand during the cast. I know from my experience as a guide that poor line-hand control can lead to a host of casting problems. The most common mistake is moving the hands apart during the back cast and then closer together as you come forward. This feeds line up through the rod guides, which lessens the bend in the rod (the load) and robs the caster of line speed. The result is a short cast that doesn’t turn over. Let Pete show you how to hold your hand properly to avoid this.

6 thoughts on “Video: How to Hold Your Line Hand During a Cast”

  1. Pete : I noticed your rod hand on then back cast that the reel is turned in toward you but on the toward cast it’s up and down. In Lefty Kresh’s video he keeps the reel turned toward him on the toward and back cast. Is that just your casting style

    I’m not criticing just curious

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