Video: Hoppers and Streamers on the Bighorn

This video from Waist Deep Media has a silly title, but it’s jam-packed with action. Montana’s Bighorn River has a reputation for being absolutely on fire some days, and these guys clearly hit one of those magical day when fish would eat both hopper imitations on top and stripped streamers below.

3 thoughts on “Video: Hoppers and Streamers on the Bighorn”

  1. I’m always grateful for the time and effort spent to create a video that shares a great fishing experience, and this is no exception. The pace of the action in this video made it difficult to fully appreciate what was happening. It was more like a fishing dance video. Just a few more seconds to watch the casts and the rises would improve this production considerably, at least for this viewer. Will I watch it again? You bet. Will I still wish the segments would be longer? Sure. Nonetheless, thanks for a great piece.

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