Video: How Fly Fishing Helps a Cy Young Award Winner Center Himself

When the 2015 baseball season ended, Boston Red Sox pitcher Rick Porcello knew that he’d not lived up to his promise. He’d need to refocus himself during the off-season, and fly-fishing played a big part in finding his mojo again. The next year, he led the American League in wins, earning the AL Cy Young Award. Last year, he became a World Series Champion.

Porcello has reached incredible heights in his career, but the fish don’t care. And that’s one of the things he loves about getting out on the water with a fly rod: he’s no longer the center of attention, and he can just get lost in the rhythm of casting and the challenges of trying to get a fish to eat a collection of fur and feathers on a hook.

4 thoughts on “Video: How Fly Fishing Helps a Cy Young Award Winner Center Himself”

  1. Aside from my cousin, Steve Huff, one of my best friends growing up was the legendary pitcher and Hall of Famer, Steve “Lefty” Carlton. He lives in Durango, Colorado and is a passionate fly fisher as my cousin and I still am. It’s as great a sport as The Orvis Company is a great outfitter and ambassador to the world of fly fishing. I am proud to have been associated with The Orvis Company for many years.
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  2. As the saying goes, a bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work. The only thing better is winning the lottery so you can spend all of your time fly fishing. Getting away from it is what it’s all about. Forgetting about your cares and worries and getting lost in the peace of fly fishing can be rejuvenating.

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