Video: How to Attach Fly Line to the Backing on a Reel

As with many things in fly fishing, there are multiple ways to attach fly line and backing on a fly reel, and I enjoy learning the different methods that experts use. Previously, we’ve featured the Albright Knot, which is especially useful if your fly line doesn’t have a welded loop at the back. For lines that do have a welded loop, you may need a different approach. In this video, Joe Rotter from Red’s Fly Shop demonstrates his time-tested way of creating a large loop in the end of the backing to marry with a loop at the back of the fly line. Particularly interesting is the way he ties two surgeon’s loops and leaves a short tag end on the lower knot to use an indicator of where the junction is when he whole line is out beyond the rod tip.

3 thoughts on “Video: How to Attach Fly Line to the Backing on a Reel”

  1. Interesting, but impractical.
    Imagine having to remove the 90′ fly line from the backing that is connected loop to loop.
    Really, why bother when you can simply cut the welded loop off and attach backing with a 4-turn Uni-Knot.

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