Video: How to Cast a Trout-Spey Rod

Fall is a great time for trout-Spey fishing, as the fish readily eat streamers and you can cover a lot of water. Plus, as Joe Rotter from Red’s Fly Shop explains, this method is very stress free, as there’s very little fly-changing, few tangles, and you rarely snag the bottom. You can get lost in the rhythm of the casting and moving, and when a fish does strike, you can really feel the energy because you’re connected by a tight line.

The key to the whole process is the casting, which is where most anglers struggle at first. I’ve always believed that the only way to learn these casts is to watch someone do it and then practice on your own. Rotter walks you through two basic casts with a Skagit-style setup, demonstrating each casts from both sides of the angler. The video is long, but it’s divided up into clear sections, so you can watch it in sections, and then go practice what you’ve learned.

Click here to learn much more about trout Spey fishing.

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