Video: How to Cast Sinking Lines Easily

In the latest installment in the series about fly casting from the folks at Mad River Outfitters in Columbus, Ohio, Brian Flechsig and Blane Chocklett offer helpful tips for casting sinking lines. The main problem is that, when you go to make your first backcast, some of the line can be several feet underwater. To get that line closer to the surface, Blane demonstrates a roll-cast pickup (which Pete Kutzer explains here.) As with all casts, it’s important that you start with your rod tip low.

Both Brian and Blane also explain that the backcast should go out to the side, and the forward cast over the top. This form of the Belgian or oval cast keeps the heavy part of the line from sinking below the bottom part of the loop, which can lead to tailing loops and tangles. Again, check out Pete’s instructional video on the Belgian cast.

The one thing that isn’t addressed here is finding the sweet spot in the line that allows you to pick up, make a single backcast, and then shoot the line. If you spend a little time practicing with any given line, you’ll find the optimal amount of line to leave outside the tip to make casting easy. Some lines feature a color change as a visual cue.

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