Video: How to Catch Great Lakes Steelhead

The latest episode of the Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing television show is all about those potadromous rainbow trout often referred to as “Great Lakes steelhead.” Host Tom Rosenbauer and his guests talk about gear, techniques, and styles of fishing for these powerful game fish–covering indicator nymphing, tightline nymphing, and swinging wets and streamers. If you want to try your hand at catching a seriously large trout without having to travel to the Pacific Northwest or Alaska, you won’t want to miss this great episode.

The Orvis show premieres each week on World Fishing Network, and then are posted in longer versions on Saturdays on The Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing You Tube Channel. (Click here to see the schedule for the whole season.) Season 2 will also appear on PBS and on Amazon Prime later in the year, once we have all the shows completed.

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