Videos: How to Draw a Trout, with Artist Tim Johnson

Last night, we hosted a great Facebook Live session with artist, Orvis-endorsed guide, and former Trout Bum of the Week Tim Johnson. I have been a fan of Tim’s work for years, and his recent collaboration on the Artist Series Helios 3 rods was ground-breaking. One of the reasons Tim’s trout art is so appealing is that I am hopeless when it comes to drawing anything. It’s been a lifelong source of shame.

So I was really excited when Tim agreed to do live lessons on how to draw a trout, geared to even the most artistically challenged folk, such as me. From his home studio in Utah, Tim walked us through how he draws a trout, creating the proper proportions and adding the details in the right places. Because we were running out of time in the first video, I asked Tim to just let us watch his color-in his trout. Then we did another session all about coloring our original drawings.

So grab some colored pencils or crayons, some paper, or give them to your kids and have them watch Tim’s lesson. It’s both fascinating and enlightening.

Click here to see more of Tim Johnson’s art.

Tim’s finished trout is a thing of beauty.

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