Video: How to Find and Fish Small Trout Streams, with Tom Rosenbauer

There are many benefits to fishing small streams: no crowds, no boats, and fish that are often less finicky. Of course, the trade-off is usually—but not always—smaller fish. This time of year, when valley rivers are sometimes too warm to fish for trout, small mountain streams or spring-fed creeks offer opportunities to cast for trout without fear of over-stressing them.

In this great video from The New Fly Fisher, Tom Rosenbauer shows you how to find good small streams and then explains a host of tactics and techniques that will help you catch more trout from these waters. Plus, Pete Kutzer gives a casting lesson to help you get the fly out in tight quarters.

One thought on “Video: How to Find and Fish Small Trout Streams, with Tom Rosenbauer”

  1. My number one rule for fishing a stream is to fish close to me first. I usually don’t even cast just dap the close water. If nothing develops I will then fish further and further away from me.

    Many times I will sit and watch for a few minutes.

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