Video: How to Find Trout in the Middle of a Pool

Last summer, we relaunched the Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center, featuring an all-new design. In this great video lesson, from the chapter on Finding Trout, Tom Rosenbauer shows you how to break down the middle of a pool, which can sometimes seem featureless. By finding the subtle changes in current and looking for the foam line, you can identify likely trout holding spots.

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One thought on “Video: How to Find Trout in the Middle of a Pool”

  1. Hey, Tom and Phil, what’s not quite right with the video of “How to find trout in the middle of a pool”? I’ve been viewing probably over a thousand videos on the Orvis site over the last few weeks and this is the second one with the same problem. The first was a spey casting lesson by your casting guru (I wrote a note at that time with no response). The video goes a few seconds, then stops to load for a few seconds, making it very hard to get continuity. I’ve viewed many of Tom’s videos and this is the first with this problem. Of course, it could be some problem with my link or network, or it could be something with your postings. Please let me know if you can give me some advice.

    Thank you,


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