Video: How to Fish Nymphs with a Sighter

Every time we post something about using strike indicators, someone makes a snarky comment about “bobber fishing.” A lot of fly fishers prefer “naked nymphing,” in which the angler detects strikes by feel or by watching the end of the fly line. A better option for folks who don’t want to use an indicator may be incorporating a sighter into their leader system.

Sighter material is available in chartreuse, orange, and white for improved visibility

In this great video from The New Fly Fisher, guide Rob Cesta shows how he sets up his sighter and uses it to gauge the depth of his presentation and to detect strikes. This isn’t quite Euro-nymphing, but it employs some of the same ideas: you want as little fly line on the water as possible, and you want to keep your flies at the right depth.

2 thoughts on “Video: How to Fish Nymphs with a Sighter”

  1. I’m usually the guy making the snarky comment. I honestly believe people should use whatever legal technique they enjoy, I just like razzing people who use BABs and have to call them “indicators” to save their pride. The hopper on a hopper/dropper rig, a bushy dry or tuft of yarn over a nymph or wet fly, or a “sighter” are all indicators; even greasing the top 2/3 of your leader is an indicator and they’re all as legitimate as any other technique. I tease, but you can get even if you see my old ass go from dry fly fisherman to wet fly fisherman in the blink of an eye when I slip on a rock in the Cataloochee. If it makes you feel any better I tease people who ride Japanese motorcycles, too, but I really don’t care what someone chooses to ride. Meanwhile, in case you run into me on the water, I ordinarily have a glass flask of Hennessey XO in my bag which I’m happy to share with others who enjoy standing in water and waving a stick at the fish.

  2. I like that the nymph he started with was a squirmy but looks like the nymph he caught the fish on was a bugger…
    But to Kim’s point.. it’s all good.
    I stole this phrase from the TU site :
    “If how you fish, gives you much joy and fulfillment, you have arrived.”

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