Video: How to Gear Up for Wet Wading

In the latest how-to video from Ben Sittig, a.k.a Huge Fly Fisherman, the former full-time Colorado guide shows you how to dress for success without donning waders. When you’re not wading deep and the weather is warm, why swaddle yourself in heavy fabric–even if it’s breathable? But don’t just strap on some Chacos, your favorite cutoff jeans and head for the trout stream. If you want to be comfortable, you’ll need a bit of specialized gear, and Sittig offers a couple of useful tricks to keep in mind to make those wet-wading days even more comfortable.

Editor’s note: Some of you young’uns may not know the horror of being stuck in neoprene waders on a hot summer day. There was a time before breathable fabrics, and it wasn’t always pretty. When I guided in south-central Alaska back in the day, we would do a float trip that required a mile-long walkout through muskeg to meet the float plane. Making that death march on a 75-degree day under a blazing sun would produce the most unholy sweaty soup inside those neoprene waders . . . . Just thinking about it, two decades later, elicits a bit of retching.

2 thoughts on “Video: How to Gear Up for Wet Wading”

  1. Huge info.
    Huge presentation.
    Bens the Man. If you haven’t checked out his web ( your missing out. Dude keeps it real, is very knowledgeable and an great way of communicating fly fishing information.
    Thank you Ben.
    Side note:
    Editors written note is funny story, probably not funny back in the day. Ahh the good ole days.

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