Video: How to “Jig-Fish” a Streamer, with Kelly Galloup

Here’s a cool tip from streamer-fishing guru Kelly Galloup. In colder water, when the trout aren’t willing to charge a fast-moving baitfish pattern, try imparting a jigging motion to your retrieve. But you have to be careful not to let any slack develop in the process, or you’ll miss strikes. In this video, Kelly demonstrates how you time your strips to the raising and lowering of the rod tip during the retrieve and explains how you can detect strikes during the “drop.” This slower, lifelike retrieve will help you hook more trout during those times when they’re not very aggressive.

4 thoughts on “Video: How to “Jig-Fish” a Streamer, with Kelly Galloup”

  1. This technique has served me well when fishing for Great Lakes steelhead along a rock shelve. Drift along the shelve and twitch or jig the streamer to trigger a strike.

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