Video: How to Make a Custom Dubbing Blend

Making a Custom Dubbing Blend from Tightline Productions on Vimeo.

For the past few years, the folks at Tightline Productions has treated us to a weekly video that offers step-by-step instructions for creating an effective fly pattern. Usually, the tier in the video—Tim Flagler or Matt Grobert—offers cool tying tricks that make the process easier or more efficient. Sometimes, as with the Hendrickson Sparkle Dun featured a couple weeks ago, the pattern calls for blended dubbing. It’s one thing to talk about blending materials to make dubbing; it’s another to see how that actually works.

Luckily, Tim Flagler has put together the great video above, which shows how simple the process can be. With just a sharp pair of scissors, and inexpensive coffee grinder, and a shallow container, you can create your own blends. Perhaps you’re looking for a specific color, lighting effect, or “bugginess.” No problem: just combine materials until you create what you need. This offers endless opportunities for experimentation.

Tightline Dubbing Blend

A coffee grinder will mix hairs of different lengths and textures to create easy-to-use dubbing.

photo courtesy Tightline Productions

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