Video: How to Make a Drop-Shot Nymphing Rig

Winter fly fishing means cold water and trout that don’t like to move off the bottom much. A rig that keeps your nymphs deep yet avoids snags is just the ticket. In this video, Joe Rotter from Red’s Fly Shop shows you how to create a drop-shot rig that uses a split shot below the nymph. That way, the shot will roll and slide through rocks and debris without snagging, while the fly stays suspended just off the bottom, where trout want it.

8 thoughts on “Video: How to Make a Drop-Shot Nymphing Rig”

  1. Beautiful.. called a “ crappie rig”… yes no flossing … similar to a Euro Benthos rig.. bottom fly weighted like the shot.. #steelheaddreams… thanks so much for the share!… always love the Orvis News Phil- keep up the great job!

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