Video: How to Make Snap-T and Double Spey Casts

Here’s another great video from the redesigned Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center. Casting instructor Pete Kutzer teaches you two inportant casts you can make with a two-handed or single-handed fly rod. In fact, you can cover nearly every situation when two-handed casting with just these two casts. Master them, and you’ll be ready to cast a two-handed rod no matter where you are in a river. Pete also shows and easy way to handle your shooting line when making two-handed casts.

There are 9 more killr casting lessons in this chapter, pluns dozens more great how-to videos.

Click here to visit the Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center.

4 thoughts on “Video: How to Make Snap-T and Double Spey Casts”

  1. Hi, I’ve recently started working through many of the videos in the Orvis series. They have been great, but there is a technical problem with Pete Kutzer’s Snap-T and Double Spey video:
    Seems like I only get 2-3 seconds loading before it stalls and takes approximately 10 seconds before loading the next 2-3 second segment. This seems to happen only to this video. All others in the series load smoothly and are easy to view. This video is impossible to view due to all these interruptions. This occured on an earlier post and also on today’s post on 13 Jan 2021. This occurs on both MS Edge and FireFox. Is there any solution? I’d really like to view this instructive video and learn these techniques.

    Otherwise, everything is fine with the Orvis videos and I’m having fun learning a lot.

    Thank you,


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