Video: How to Match Your Tactics to a Specific Trout

This week’s “Master Class Monday” video from Jensen Fly Fishing is a long one, but it’s well worth your time, as it’s full of useful information. Dave and Amelia hike into the backcountry in late summer, where they discover a pool full of fish–cutthroats, bull trout, and whitefish. Dave demonstrates how he fishes his way from the bottom of the pool to the top, so he can catch the most fish, and he tailors his approach to the fish’s behavior, depth, and place in the pool. It’s a fascinating study of both fly-fishing technique and Dave’s psychology. The man just loves a “project fish.”

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4 thoughts on “Video: How to Match Your Tactics to a Specific Trout”

  1. Really enjoyed that Dave. Brought back some great memories. I hope to make it back out there in the spring. Thanks for an enjoyable few minutes.

    1. Great to hear! 🙂 It wound up being a great summer after a cold, wet spring. Lots of fun moments. Happy dreaming to summer ’21.

  2. Hi Dave and Amelia,

    Do you have (or can you create) a video that addresses the best way to approach low, slow, clear water?

    Thank you,

    Charlie Phelps

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