Video Tips: How to “Think Like a Surgeon” at the Vise

You might not think that surgery and fly tying have much in common, but Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions makes a good case for the analogy. Nearly every week, we are treated to the brilliant fly-tying videos Flagler, and here’s one that explains some basic fly-tying practices that many tiers overlook. If you’ve watched Tim tie, you know that he leaves nothing to chance, and he’s big on finding the most efficient way to do almost anything. There’s some solid information here that will help you become better at the vise.

5 thoughts on “Video Tips: How to “Think Like a Surgeon” at the Vise”

  1. Great tips, except Tim missed one…one we all want to know. How does he keep his tying bench so neat & clean?!

  2. When I read this first, I thought it said “Think like a sturgeon.” I thought, this should be good!

    Tim’s videos are required watching. I watch them over and over. His style is excellent the videos top notch and I always pick up a thing or two from each one.

  3. I seriously love Tim Flagler’ videos. His production quality is amazing and his tying skills are nothing short of professional. He’s helped me improve my tying from laughable to choosing my own ties over shop bought 90% of the time. Not to mention his voice and background music is downright soothing!

    I keep his YouTube page bookmarked. Here it is:

    First time posting so I’m not sure if links are allowed. I posted it in the Website box above as well. Give him a try. You won’t regret it.

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  5. I am a surgeon and fly fisherman who ties all my own flies. Surgery and fly tying are not comparable. But I enjoy tightline videos so we’ll leave it there.

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