Video: How to Tie a Figure-8 Dropper Knot

If you like to fish tandem rigs in which the dropper is attached to the tag end of the tippet knot, then Devin Olsen of Tactical Fly Fisher has a cool tip for you. Instead of using a surgeon’s knot or a blood knot, try a figure-8 (or “figure-of-8,” as Devon calls it) knot. It’s easy to tie, even with cold fingers, and it may be stronger than the competition. Here’s what Devin says:

A bit over a year ago our former shop manager Kramer Bookman started testing the Figure of 8 Knot for his dropper tags. He found they were consistently stronger than a Surgeon’s Knot. I’m always keen to give a new knot a go so I started testing the Figure of 8 Knot myself. It has now become my go to knot for creating dropper tags in my tippet. The knot is the strongest tippet knot I’ve used and is very quick and easy to tie as well. It’s a win win!

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