Video: How to Tie a Light Cahill Klinkhåmer

Dutch fly tier Hans van Klinken created the original Klinkhåmer Special all the way back in 1984, and it has proven so successful that many variations have emerged. What makes it so effective is the way that the body hangs below the surface, imitating an emerging mayfly or midge. To learn how to tie the original pattern, click here.

In today’s video, Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions shows you how to tie a version of the Klinkhåmer that imitates an emerging light Cahill mayfly. The part that lies below the surface mimics the nymphal shuck that the insect is trying to escape, while the bright body represents the adult light Cahill. This combination is attractive to trout because it looks like an easy meal. Tim’s method of creating the parachute post and hackle is ingenious, and may change the ay the create all parachute patterns.

          Light Cahill Klinkhåmer
 Partridge Klinkhamer X-treme, size 14.
          Thread: Cream, 8/0 or 70-denier.
          Post: White polypropylene floating yard.
          Shuck: Rust Antron dubbing.
          Hackle: White or cream dry-fly hackle.
          Body: Cream rabbit-fur dubbing.
          Adhesive:  Head cement (here, Sally Hansen Hard-As-Nails).

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