Video: How to Tie a Light Cahill Parachute (with a twist)

In this week’s great fly-tying video Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions shows you how to create an elegant, very clean Light Cahill pattern that can imitate both a dun and a spinner. One of the keys to the fly is the polypropylene post, which is very visible on the water, even at dark. (See Tim’s earlier video on creating a polypropylene post.) The end result is a bright imitation that sits low in the water and looks very buggy from below.

          Light Cahill Parachute
 Standard dry-fly hook (here, a Lightning Strike DF1), size 14.
          Thread: White Semperfli Classic Waxed, 12/0.
          Wing post: White polypropylene floating yarn.
          Tails: Wood-duck flank-feather fibers.
          Body: Light Cahill-colored Superfine dubbing.
          Hackle: Cream-colored cape hackle.
          Adhesive: Head cement (here, Sally Hansen Hard-As-Nails)..

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