Video: How to Tie a Non-Slip Loop Knot

We have featured a couple videos on tying a great non-slip loop not. These were solid, helpful videos. But nobody does how-to videos like the folks at Tightline Productions. And, coincidentally, Tim Flagler was working on this very video when we posted one of the other ones. So if the process for creating this useful, excellent knot was unclear before, rest assured that Tim can show you how to do it right every time. One of the keys is the direction each step goes through the loop.

7 thoughts on “Video: How to Tie a Non-Slip Loop Knot”

  1. With fluorocarbon, the knot as described in the video is stronger. With mono tippet, replace the first “back through loop” move and instead lay the tag end along the top of the overhand loop (but not going through it). Wrap 5-6x going away as per Tim’s video, then pass the tag back through the loop (the “second pass” in Tim’s video) and tighten a little. I put the loop in my mouth for lubrication, then hold the leader in one hand and the fly in the other and pull in opposite directions (placing no pressure on the tag end of the tippet). This tightens the knot without the hiccups that can occur if you ignore the fly and pull on the tag end vs. the leader.

    The late Bill Nash intermediate a long bulletin board discussion on this version, and dubbed it the “Byford-Kreh” loop knot after it’s progenitors. I use it for all my freshwater fishing, but found that in the salt that the twice-through-the-eye version illustrated here (while tougher to tie with older eyes and fine tippets) is a little stronger.

  2. This is a really good video. I realize now that I have been making a mistake with this knot. Thanks for making us better!

  3. Shouldn’t you give Lefty credit for this?
    I tie a slightly different knot. I tie the overhand loop, pass the tag end through the hook to create a bight, then make my wraps above it working upline without passing the tag end through the knot, then pass the tag end through both the knot and the bight. I think it might be slightly faster, works with my old eyes, and has never come undone.

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