Video: How to Tie a Parachute Ant

Trout love ants, and they will often eat a small terrestrial on those days when there are no other insects on the water. I often use a tiny ant as a dropper behind a larger imitative or attractor pattern to great effect. The problem with fishing a tiny, black ant is that it’s really difficult to see on the water, so a small white post is a big help.

In this great video from Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions, he ties a simple, realistic ant pattern that offers the trout an accurate silhouette and offers the angler a white post to follow. By now, you’re probably familiar with Tim’s ingenious posting method, which involves twisting the yard until it furls on itself, and his hackling method takes all the pain out of the process.

          Parachute Ant
          Hook: Standard dry-fly hook (here a Lightning Strike DF1), size 20.
          Thread: Black, 10/0 Veevus.
          Wing Post: White Polypropylene yarn.
          Abdomen: Black Superfine dubbing.
          Hackle: Grizzly hackle, midge size.
          Thorax: Black Superfine dubbing.
          Adhesive: Thread cement (here, Sally hansen Hard-As-Nails).

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