Video: How to Tie a Sulfur Perdigon

In this week’s great fly-tying video from Tightline Productions, Tim Flagler shows you how to tie his version of a Spanish Perdigon nymph to match the sulfur hatches here in the U.S. The Perdigon was specifically designed to sink quickly and to work well in fast water, which makes it ideal for sulfur time.

As usual, Tim demonstrates some ingenious tying tricks that you can apply to other patterns you tie. Just a touch of superglue makes adding lead-free wire easier, and the way he divides and wraps the Antron yarn gives this pattern a cool, lifelike look. Finally, the black UV-cure resin wingcase is a nice touch. Give these sleek, fast-sinking nymphs a try, and tie them to match all your mayfly hatches.

    Sulfur Perdigon
      Hook: Barbless jig hook (here, a Lightning Strike JF2), size 14.
      Bead: Gold slotted tungsten bead, 7/64-inch.
       Weight: Lead-free round wire, .020.
      Adhesive #1: Superglue.
      Thread/underbody: Yellow, 8/0 or 70-denier.
      Tails: Wood-duck flank feather fibers.
      Rib: Gold Ultra Wire, small. 
      Body: Golden brown Antron yarn.
      Wingcase: Black UV-cure resin (here, Solarez).
      Coating: Low-viscosity UV-cure resin (here Solarez Bone Dry).
      Tools: Plunger-style hackle pliers, whip finisher.

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