Video: How to Tie a Thorax-Style Sulfur Dun

Sulfurs should be popping in much of the country, and if you’re casting to especially persnickity trout, you might give this time-tested pattern a try. The thorax-style dry flies that Vincent C. Marinaro wrote about in his 1950 classic A Modern Dry Fly Code are still favorites on the spring creeks of Marinaro’s native Pennsylvania.

In this fine video from Tightline Productions, author and blogger Matt Grobert walks you through what is an admittedly tough-to-tie fly. But if anyone can show you how to do it, it’s these folks.

          Thorax-Style Sulfur Dun
          Hook: 1X-long dry-fly hook (e.g. Dai-Riki #300), size 14.
          Thread: Yellow, 6/0.
          Wings: Matching pair of light-dun hen-back feathers.
          Dubbing ball: Yellow beaver dubbing.
          Tails: 8-10 stiff light-dun hackle fibers.
          Body: Yellow beaver dubbing.
          Hackle: Light dun.
          Thorax: Yellow beaver dubbing.
          Tools: Wing burners.

3 thoughts on “Video: How to Tie a Thorax-Style Sulfur Dun”

  1. I tried since this makes it look fairly easy. I failed, tried again, failed…….I will keep trying. How does he get that dubbing loose but tight looking at the thorax so the shackles bites into it? I think Marinara was a glutton for punishment…….no, I didn’t know him.

    1. You are not alone in your frustration. I am convinced, if I could only get the dubbing ball at the base of the wing the right size and consistency, I could wrap the hackle correctly. As of now, it’s like trying to lasso a soccer ball.

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