Video: How to Tie a TINY Blue-winged Olive Parachute

This week’s video from Tightline Productions shows you how to tie a very small Blue-winged Olive Parachute to mimic the tiny Baetis mayflies that hatch sporadically in fall. Many anglers and tiers shy away from tying such tiny patterns because the process can be so frustrating. Just handling the minuscule hooks is such a problem that Tim has previously made a video called “How to Handle Tiny Hooks Without Going Crazy.”

Once you’ve got the hook sorted, the tying process is not difficult at all using Tim’s methods for preparing each material. Just make sure you don’t put too much dubbing on your thread, which leads to a bulky, misshapen body. And the way Tim creates the wing post by furling the yarn may change the way you post all you parachute patterns.

          Blue-winged Olive Parachute
          Hook: Wide-gap dry-fly hook hook (here a Tiemco 100), size 24.
          Thread: Gray or light dun, 8/0 or 70-denier.
          Tails: Medium-dun hackle fibers, from a dry-fly cape.
          Wingpost: Light-gray polypropylene floating yarn.
          Body: Olive Superfine dubbing.
          Hackle: Medium-dun dry-fly hackle.
          Tools: Plunger-style hackle pliers.

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