Video: How to Tie Higa’s S.O.S.

Higa’s S.O.S. was created by Spencer Higa of Falcon’s Ledge, in Utah.
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Here’s a video fly-tying lesson from Curtis Fry, of Fly Fish Food, that explains how to tie Higa’s S.O.S, a pattern created by guide and sometimes Orvis News contributor Spencer Higa. Although Spencer originally tied it as a Baetis imitation, it has proven itself a killer prospecting pattern, as well. Any doubts you might have about the fly’s productivity should be quashed by a quick perusal of the reviews for the pattern on, where it has a 5-star rating.

         Higa’s S.O.S.
             Hook: Caddis emerger hook (e.g. TMC2487 or Orvis 1639), sizes 16-20.
             Thread: Black, 6/0 or 70 denier.
             Bead: 2.5mm tungsten bead.
             Tail: Pheasant tail, melanistioc or black.
             Rib: Silver Ultra Wire, brassie size.
             Shell: red floss.
             Thorax: Black rabbit dubbing or Senyo’s Lazer Yarn.
             Legs: Black Krystal Flash.


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