Video: How to Tie-In Mixed Brown and Grizzly Hackles

Welcome to the latest installment of our series of videos called “One-Minute Fly-Tying Tips and Techniques” from Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions. Each video domonstrates a single tying skill, from the most basic to the advanced. Ultimately, the series will serve as a sort of encyclopedia of tying skills that will be a valuable resource for anyone who sits down at a vise to create a fly.

The recipes for some popular dry-fly patterns, such as the classic Adams, call for both brown and grizzly hackle at the front. As Tim points out, it’s only natural for a tier to wonder if they really need both; it would certainly be easier to wrap just a single feather, right? But Tim is a believer in the mixed-hackle approach, so in this video, he teaches you how to do it properly.

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