Video: How to Tie Landon Mayer’s Mini-Leech

Well known guide and author Landon Mayer’s Mini Leech is a perfect expression of his theory about “non-escaping prey”–that is, trout food that can’t swim or float away. There are times when trout are willing to chase down their food, and that’s when a stripped streamer works great. But in those situations where the fish aren’t willing to to the hard work–or if they simply follow a streamer and don’t strike–a non-escaping presentation, such a dead-drifting a streamer, is just the ticket. The Mini Leech offers lifelike action in the water, as the pine squirrel undulates like a real leech. So fish it on a dead drift, let it swing, and then strip it back. You can also try giving tiny twitches during the drift to really activate the pine squirrel.

In this week’s, Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions shows you how to tie a slim, durable version of this simple pattern. The fact that he takes the time to trim hi flash material before tying it in is a sign of his great attention to detail.

          Landon Mayer’s Mini-Leech
          Hook: Czech nymph hook (here a Fulling Mill 35065), size 14.
          Thread: Black, 8/0 or 70-denier.
          Underbody: Brown Holo Tinsel, medium.
          Rear Body: Brown Zonked Pine Squirrel.
          Front body: Black Ostrich herl.
          Adhesive: Sally Hansen Hard-As-Nails.

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