Video: How to Tie Matt’s Buzzer

I first heard of a “Buzzer” while fishing Chew Valley Reservoir in southwestern England about fifteen years ago. These midge-pupa imitations are staples of the British stillwater scene, but the term isn’t all that popular on this side of the Pond. However, midge-pupa imitations such as the Jujubee Midge, the Disco Midge, and Mercury Midge get heavy use throughout the West and wherever there are good Chironomid hatches.

In this great video by Tim Flagler of Tightline Productionsauthor and blogger Matt Grobert takes us through the simple steps for creating his sleek and effective midge-pupa pattern, which he finds works all year long..

Matt’s Buzzer
Hook: Scud/pupa hook (here a Dai-Riki #135), size 12-28.
Bead: Tungsten, 1/16-inch.
Thread #1/body: Fluorescent chartreuse, 3/0.
Rib: Pearl Krystal Flash.
Thread #2/thorax: Olive, 6/0 or 140-denier.
Wingpads: Dyed-red mallard primary feather segments.
Adhesive: Head cement or UV cure resin.
Note: Try with a black or dark-olive abdomen.

2 thoughts on “Video: How to Tie Matt’s Buzzer”

  1. Thanks for the pattern. Another great tie by Mr Grobert and superb video from Mr Flagler. I have tied several of these in the last few days. Want to give them a try on steelhead in NY.
    Thanks and have a great holiday!

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