Video: How to Tie Reece’s Rolling Stone

Bob Reece is a junior-high science teacher from Cheyenne, Wyoming, who spends his summer guiding for North Park Anglers in Walden, Colorado. He also works with the Cheyenne branch of Project Healing Waters and runs a fly-fishing club for 7th and 8th grade students at the school where he works. You can learn more by visiting his Reece’s Thin Air Angler website. We have previously featured his Hot Amber Caddis Nymph, Hindsight trailing streamer, Missing Link dry fly,Simple Mini Leech, Fusion Nymph, and Beefcake Beetle.

In this video, he ties a great imitation of a stonefly nymph. Here’s how Bob describes Reece’s Rolling Stone:

Throughout higher elevation freestone rivers and streams, various species of large stone flies serve as a significant food source for the trout that inhabit their waters. The life cycle of these insects can last multiple years. As a result of this, they are available to trout in various sizes year-round. When knocked free from the streambottom, they often tuck or curl until they come back into contact with some form of substrate. This pattern displays that partially tucked position, an accurate profile, double tungsten to get it down and the always productive combo of wiggle and flash.

In this video, Bob walks you through the steps to create the pattern.

          Reece’s Rolling Golden Stone
          Hook: Gamakatsu C12U, size 10.
          Front Bead: Gold tungsten, 5/64.
          Rear Bead: Gold tungsten, 7/64.
          Thread: Light brown, 8/0 or 70-denier.
          Antennae: Tan Sexi-Floss.
          Adhesive #1: Zap-A-Gap.
          Tails: Tan Sexi-Floss.

          Abdomen: Amber Orvis Stretch Tubing, small.
          Wing buds and wingcase: Bustard Thin Skin, 1/8-inches wide.
          Thorax: Golden Brown Ice Dub.
          Legs: Tan Sexi-Floss, small, knotted.
          Adhesive #2: UV-cure resin.
          Note: You can tie this pattern in colors to match any stonefly.

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