Video: How to Tie the Bush Meat Streamer

Since Tim Flagler of Tightline productions has been tying a bunch of tiny flies in our Wednesday fly-tying videos, I thought I’d post this chunky, articulated streamer from Connecticut-based guide Rich Strolis for those who like to go bigger during the winter. The Bush Meat uses some cool synthetic fibers to create an almost translucent streamer that still has plenty of mass and motion in the water. You can also tie this pattern in any colors you’d like.

In the course of creating the fly, Strolis offers some good lessons that you’ll find useful for tying other streamers as well. Notice how he throws in extra half hitches to hold materials in place, how he revers-ties the fibers and then uses a piece of tubing or a pen shell to help create “bullet” effects, and how he controls the unruly craft fur fibers by constantly stroking them rearward. He’s a big fan of the synthetic brush, as well.

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          Bush Meat Streamer
          Rear Hook: Partridge Universal Predator Hook, size 2.
          Thread: Brown, 140-denier or 6/0.
          Tail: Medium brown Extra Select Craft Fur.
          Rear Body: UV Gold Polar Chenille.
          Wing: Medium brown Extra Select Craft Fur.
          Adhesive #1: UV resin.

          Front Hook: Partridge Attitude Streamer Hook, size 2/0.
          Connection: Beadalon 19-strand wire and a red ProEye 3D Bead.
          Collar: Medium brown Extra Select Craft Fur.
          Front Body: UV Polar Chenille.

          Head: Medium olive EP Craft Fur Brush and shrimp tan EP UV
Minnow Head Brush.
          Adhesive #2: Superglue.

          Eyes: Double Pupil Lead Eyes.
          Adhesive #3: UV resin.
          Tools: Comb, plastic tubing, hair clip, synthetic brush. 

3 thoughts on “Video: How to Tie the Bush Meat Streamer”

  1. Does anyone know what Rich is using for the comb/brush in this video? Im not asking about the flea comb he uses to clean the underfur out with. Im asking about the brush he is using to comb the fly with and blending the material in about the 11:38 point of the video.

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