Video: How to Tie the Cable Tie Craw

Crayfish are important items on the menus of big trout, largemouth bass, and smallmouths, and there are lots of patterns out there to imitate these crustaceans. By now, fans of Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions expect that he’s found an ingenious method for creating a pattern that sinks quickly and features the characteristics of the crayfishthat predators key on. True to form, Flagler uses a common cable tie as the base of the fly, bringing in his favorite feathers, as well.

          Cable Tie Craw
          Hook: DO-IT 785 Wacky Jig Hook, sizes 2 and 6.
          Bead: Black nickel bead, 5/32-inch.
          Weight: Lead-free wire, .020.
          Adhesive 1: Superglue.
          Thread: Light olive, 6/0 or 140 denier.
          Claws: Brown-olive Zonked Pine Squirrel Skin.
          Eye stem: 4-inch Cable Tie and amber Krystal Flash.
          Antennae: Amber Krystal Flash.
          Eyes: Fly rattle, micro. Blacken each end.
          Adhesive 2: Superglue.
          Body: Speckled golden-olive Soft Hackle, trimmed on the bottom.
          Tail: Two speckled golden-olive Soft Hackle feathers.
          Adhesive 3: Hard As Nails.
          Tools: Black Sharpie, lighter.

One thought on “Video: How to Tie the Cable Tie Craw”

  1. Phil,

    That was a neat video on tying the “cable craw”. I think I can do that. Thank you for the great idea!


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