Video: How to Tie the Caddis Larva

The Caddis Larva is one of those patterns that should be in every trout box because it works in waters across the country. Whether you’re tying to imitate a green rock worm or some other species of caddisfly larval stage, tie one of these babies on and fish it close to the bottom, where the naturals can be found in the behavioral drift. Because some species of caddisfly is hatching almost all the time, a Caddis Larva will come in useful throughout the season.

In this video, Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions walks you through the tying process for this super-simple pattern and offers a masterclass on using UTC thread: cording it up, flattening it out, and splitting it to create a dubbing cord. You’ll find these tricks useful for tying many other patterns, as well.

          Caddis Larva
          Hook: Barbless Tactical Czech Nymph Hook, sizes 14-16.
          Thread: UTC Yellow Olive, 8/0 or 70 denier.
          Body: Light olive Australian-possum dubbing.
          Thorax/Head: Dark brown Australian-possum dubbing.

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  1. Note that the directions of spinning the bobbin to flatten or cord the thread assume that you are a right handed tier. For a left handed tier, the directions are reversed. For right handed tiers: counter clockwise to flatten, clockwise to cord/unflatten it. For left handed tiers, clockwise to flatten, counter clockwise to cord/unflatten it.

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