Video: How to Tie the Dumb Bunny Streamer

Streamer patters that offer a lot of pulsing, lifelike motion in the water are all the rage. This cool baitfish from the mind of Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions adds a jigging action to create a double whammy of fish-attracting goodness. The shots of the Dumb Bunny moving through the water should convince you that you need to tie a few up, especially with fall streamer season just a few weeks away.

In this typically great video, Tim walks you through his method for tying this simple pattern, which really has just two ingredients. His method for creating painted dumbbell eyes allows for simple production tying, which means you can bang out a bunch of these streamers in short order.

          Dumb Bunny
          Hook: Jig hook (here a Do-It #785), sizes 2-6.
          Thread: Fluorescent chartreuse, 6/0 or 140-denier.
          Belly: Fluorescent chartreuse rabbit zonker strip.
          Eyes: 1/64-ounce dumbbell eyes.
          Back: Dark olive rabbit zonker strip.
          Adhesive: Head cement or UV-cure resin.
          Tools for eyes: Alligator clips, emery board, bamboo skewers, piece of foam, and
           Sally Hansen nail polish in white, black, and clear.
          Note: Tie this pattern in a variety of colors or on larger hooks for big-game and
           saltwater species.

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