Video: How to Tie the Foam Cricket

Late summer is terrestrial season, and crickets are in abundance.

It’s terrestrial time in much of the country, and having the right land-based bug can be the key to success. Last week, the folks at Tightline Productions showed us how to tie a Foam Beetle, and now they are back with a great cricket imitation that is high-floating, easy to see, and attractive to trout, bass, and panfish.

In this great video, Tim Flagler offers a cool way to add the legs quickly and easily, without a lot of fuss. After a couple attempts, you’ll be able to whip these out in no time.

        Foam Cricket
            Hook: Standard dry-fly hook (e.g. Dai-Riki #300), sizes 10-14.
            Body: Black 2mm Craft Foam, 1/8-inch strip.
            Thread: Black, 6/0 or 70 denier.
            Adhesive 1: Zap-A-Gap.
            Legs: Rubber legs (here, Wapsi Barred Round Rubber legs).
            Wing: Deer hair.
            Sighter: Bright egg yarn.
            Adhesive 2: Head Cement.

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