Video: How to Tie the Furled Chimarra Caddis Larva

The Chimarra caddisfly, also known as the little black sedge, is prevalent throughout the eastern and Midwestern United States, hatching in the spring. In the months leading up to the hatch, fishing a bright yellow or orange imitation of the larva can be very effective. This pattern works great as a dropper off a heavier nymph, especially in late February and March. It’s strange that such a bright larva turns into a black adult, but the world of aquatic insects is full of such mysteries—which is one of the reasons that amateur entomology is so fascinating to anglers.

In this typically killer video, Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions shows you how to tie perhaps the easiest pattern he’s ever offered. All you need is a hook, some tying thread, and a short piece of embroidery floss. The secret is to twist the floss and then double it over on itself, so it “furls.” Then all you do is tie it in, create a bulbous thread head, and you’re done.

          Furled Chimarra Caddis Larva
          Hook: Scud/emerger hook (here, a Lightning Strike SE1), size 18.
          Thread: Rusty brown, 8/0 or 70-denier.
          Body: DMC 6-Strand Embrodery Floss, #743 yellow.
          Head: Tying thread.
          Adhesive: Head cement (here, Sally Hansen Hard-As-Nails).
          Note: Tied in different colors, the pattern can imitate a variety of midge larvae.

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