Video: How to Tie the Great Blue Heron Soft-Hackle Streamer

Over the past two months, Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions has dedicated six “One-Minute Tying Tips” videos to methods of creating tube flies. Here’s his second how-to tying video that features a tube pattern designed for swinging. Tim shows you how to prepare the tube and attach it to the mandrel clamped in the vise jaws. If you aren’t familiar with these mandrels, watch Tim’s short video on the subject.

This week’s fly is the Great Blue Heron Soft-Hackle Streamer, which is based on the famous Gartside Soft-Hackle Streamer, although Tim’s tube version is considerably more sparse. The tying process is fairly straightforward, involving quite a bit of superglue to lock everything in place. The Ultrasonic disc at the head of the patterns will create more fish-attracting commotion in the water, which should draw more strikes.

          Great Blue Heron Soft-Hackle Streamer
          Tube: Pro Sportfisher clear microtube.
          Adhesive #1: Superglue (here, Fly Tyers Z-Ment).
          Thread: Black, 6/0 or 140-denier.
          Rear body: Silver Sparkle Braid.
          Adhesive #2: Superglue (here, Fly Tyers Z-Ment).
          Flash: Pearl Flashabou.
          Body #1: Pearl gray marabou.
          Adhesive #3: Superglue (here, Fly Tyers Z-Ment).
          Body #2: Slightly darker gray marabou.
          Adhesive #4: Superglue (here, Fly Tyers Z-Ment).
          Wing: 1 or 2 dyed-dark-blue mallard flank feathers.
          Head: #1 Black tying thread.
          Adhesive #5: Superglue (here, Fly Tyers Z-Ment).
          Head #2: Black Ultra-Sonic disc, large.
          Hook (for rigging): Owner Mosquito hook, size 4.
          Tools: Tube-fly mandrel, long-nozzle bobbin, hackle pliers, bodkin, large whip-finisher, lighter or cauterizing tool.

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