Video: How to Tie the Half Pint Midge

In the latest great fly-tying video from Tightline Productions, Tim Flagler shows you how to tie a sweet little midge pattern that originated at Blue Ribbon Flies in West Yellowstone, Montana. It’s easy to tie, looks plenty buggy, and has just enough flash to catch a trout’s eye.

As usual, Tim demonstrates some useful tying tricks that will help you become a better overall tier. I like how he allows thread torque to take the ribbing material over the top of the hook shank, so it’s in perfect position to wrap. And pay attention to the proportions on the body and thorax for that midge-like silhouette.

        Half Pint Midge
        Hook: Scud/emerger hook(here, a Lightning Strike SE1), sizes 18-20.
        Bead: Nickel tungsten bead, 5/64-inch.
        Thread: Black, 8/0 or 70-denier.
        Tail/wing buds: Pearl Krystal Flash, midge size.
        Rib: Silver wire, small.
        Thorax: Black Superfine dubbing or Zelon.
        Adhesive: Head cement.
        Tools: Bodkin, plunger-style pliers.

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