Video: How to Tie The Kintner Boy

If you’ve watched enough of these great videos from Tightline Productions, then you know that Tim Flagler has a twisted sense of humor. This video shows you how to tie a great bass-and-panfish fly, which features a foam body and rubber legs. But you might be left wondering, “Who is the Kintner Boy?” Tim makes just an oblique reference to a red bathing suit and then gives another clue at the very end of the video. I’ll admit that I had to Google the name, and then I laughed when I discovered the inspiration. Alex Kintner, you see, is just a boy on a raft in one of the most chilling movie scenes of all time:

I guess Tim feels that this fly is just as attractive to warmwater fish as Alex was to a certain Carcharodon carcharias. As usual, the video offers several great tying tips, such as how to cut just the right length piece of foam, how to create segmentation in the body, and how to best attach round-rubber legs. Tie up a few of these, and when you fish them, don’t forget to hum that famous theme music. . .

          The Kintner Boy
          Hook: 3X-long Natural bend Hook (here a Dai-Riki #270), size 8.
          Thread: Yellow, 6/0 or 140-denier.
          Tail: Red chenille, with end burned.
          Underbody: Royal blue craft foam.
          Rear Legs: Round-rubber legs.
          Overbody: Yellow craft foam.
          Hot spot: Red craft foam.
          Front Legs: Round-rubber legs.
          Note: You can tie the pattern in whatever contrasting colors you prefer.

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