Video: How to Tie the Kreelex

Chuck Kraft was legendary fly tier and guide from Virginia, who published his first fly pattern in 1961. In the early 90s, he wanted to create a streamer that would emulate a Panther Martin spinner, and the Kreelex was the result. He tried it out on a guiding trip to South America, where it was so effective that he knew he had a winner. Originally designed for trout, the pattern has caught just about anything that swims, from bass to redfish to muskies.

In this latest how-to video from Tightline Productions, Tim Flagler shows you a simple way to tie the Kreelex. The most important take-aways are the ways that Tim secures all the materials–dumbbell eyes and slippery flash material–so they stay in place on the hook. The result is a slick, flashy, heavy streamer that draws lots of strikes.

          Hook: Long-shank streamer hook (here, a Mustad 79580), size 6.
          Thread: White, 140-denier.
          Belly: Silver Kreelex Fish Flash or similar.
          Eyes: Plated Lead Eyes, medium.
          Back: Gold Kreelex Fish Flash or similar.
          Adhesive: Head cement.

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