Video: How to Tie the Last Chance Cripple Hendrickson

We are starting to see our first Hendricksons on the rivers of southwestern Vermont, and our Facebook feed features some gorgeous fish caught on imitations of these mayflies just south of here. So it seems a good time to feature a Hendrickson pattern, and Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions serves up a doozy: a great variation on Rene Harrop’s Last Chance Cripple. Tim also shot some great footage of trout eating mayflies to open the video.

The Last Chance Cripple was designed for the super-picky trout on Idaho’s Henrys Fork, and it’s a great imitation of a mayfly that’s struggling to get off the water. Flagler’s step-by-step instructions are, as always, easy to follow and very detailed. I particularly like the way he attache2 the hackle to guarantee better durability.

          Last Chance Cripple Hendrickson
          Hook: Standard dry-fly hook (here, a Dai-Riki #300), sizes 12-16.
          Thread: Olive, 6/0 or 140-denier.
          Tail: Wood-duck or mallard-flank hackle fibers.
          Trailing shuck: Golden Brown Antron yarn.
          Abdomen: Hendrickson Pink turkey biot.
          Thorax: Sand rabbit dubbing.

          Wing: Natural dun CDC feathers
          Hackle: Medium dun.
          Head: Tying thread.

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