Video: How to Tie the Night King

Fans of the TV series Game of Thrones should be quite familiar with the Night King, who leads the White Walkers in bringing winter to Westeros. He’s got some seriously blue eyes, which is probably why Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions thought of him after creating this great winter nymph. But even if you haven’t seen or don’t care for the TV show, you’ll want to twist up a few of these nymphs for the coming season. A color variant of the Frenchie, the Night King sinks quickly and features a color scheme that has proven itself during the colder months.

In this week’s video, Tim shows you how to tie a Night King and demonstrates several tying techniques that will help you tie better versions of other patterns, too. As with any fiber-body fly, you need to reinforce the material with ribbing to keep the fragile fibers from unraveling after a few fish. The way Tim uses thread tension throughout to keep materials in place should become standard practice, as well.

          Night King
          Hook: Barbless jig hook (here a Lighting Strike JF2), size 14.
          Bead: Black nickel slotted tungsten bead, 7/64-inch.
          Thread: Fluorescent pink, 8/0 or 70-denier.
          Weight: Lead-free round wire, .020.
          Tails: 8 to 10 silver-doctor blue saddle-hackle fibers.
          Rib: Medium blue Sulky Holoshimmer Metallic Thread.
          Body: 10 to 12 dyed black pheasant-tail fibers.
          Collar 1: Peacock-blue Antron dubbing.
          Hot spot: Fluorescent pink tying thread.
          Adhesive: Head cement or Sally Hansen Hard-As-Nails.

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