Video: How to Tie the Parachute Peacock March Brown

Here’s a great video from Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions that shows you how to create a beautiful March brown pattern invented by New Jersey fly tier John Collins. The fly uses some odd materials—most notably brown calf-body hair and cinnamon peacock biots—for maximum imitation. I did find a source for the peacock feathers (see below), but I struck out on the calf body hair. Feel free to use white hair or tan Poly yarn.

          Parachute Peacock March Brown
          Hook: 2X-long dry-fly hook (here, a Daiichi 1280), sizes 10 and 12.
          Thread: Camel Uni Thread, 8/0.
          Tail: Brown or dark-ginger spade hackle fibers.
          Wing post: Brown or white calf-body hair, cleaned and stacked.
          Abdomen: Two or three biots from a cinnamon peacock feather.
          Adhesive: Hard As Hull cement.

          Thorax: Medium-tan Poly dubbing.
          Hackle: Tying thread.
          Tools: Dubbing wax, dental pick.

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