Video: How to Tie the Same Thing Murray

This variation features a beard and leaves off the ostrich-herl collar

This great little fly was invented by Doug Hastings of Sydney, Nova Scotia. According to legend, the pattern’s name came from a simple on-stream conversation in 1993 with Hastings’s friend, Murray. They were on the Little Southwest Miramichi, and Hastings was hooking fish after fish. Each time, his partner would ask him what fly he was using, and Hastings would reply, “Same thing, Murray”.

In this great video from Tightline Productions, author and blogger Matt Grobert ties his modified version of the original. Grobert leaves off the flashy underwing and substitutes goat hair for the original moose-body hair.

            Same Thing Murray
            Hook: Mustad 36890 salmon hook, size 10.
            Thread: Black, 6/0 or 70 denier.
            Tip: Oval tinsel, small.
            Tail: Bright orange saddle hackle fibers.
            Tag: Fluorescent green Nylon-Stretch.
            Rib: Silver Ultra Wire, small.
            Body: Peacock herl.

            Wing: Black goat hair.
            Hackle: Black rooster neck.
            Collar: Black ostrich herl.
            Accent: B
right red 6/0 Danvile thread.


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  1. Thought Doug Hastings was telling me a “fish”story as we were having coffee in New Symrna on Feb. 21. 2017. You know what, he was telling the truth. Thanks, Bryan Mitchell, Chester Basin, Nova Scotia.

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