Video: How to Tie the Seaducer

Alvin Dedeaux of All Water Guides has launched a series of videos in which he teaches you how to tie his favorite “guide flies.” A guide fly is a pattern that catches fish and is easy to tie. Guides don’t want to use flies that take a long time to tie because clients tend to lose them, sometimes depressingly quickly. Here, Alvin ties his version of the Seaducer, a pattern that originated in Florida in the 1940’s. Anglers have since discovered that it will catch all manner of of game fish in fresh and salt.

 Hook: Standard saltwater hook (here a TMC800S), size 2/0-10.
          Thread: Red (or color to match fly), 3/0.
          Wing: White saddle hackles.
          Front hackle: White saddle hackle.
          Rear hackle: Red saddle hackle.
          Adhesive: Head cement or UV-cure resin.
          Note: Tie this pattern in colors and combinations to match the naturals or as an attractor.

One thought on “Video: How to Tie the Seaducer”

  1. Love your fly tying presentation. The simple flies appeal to me in Louisiana with less than an hours drive from fresh and salt water.

    Simple has always worked best for me and quick tie is right up the alley for aging fumble fingers.
    This is a pleasant change from size 22 nymphs.
    Would love to see your take on the Grass Shrimp that show up in the marshes.

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