Video: How to Tie the Surf Candy

New Jersey saltwater legend Bob Popovics revolutionized saltwater fly tying with his Surf Candy, originally introduced to the wider world in 1988. For a great history of the pattern, read Tom Rosenbauer’s article about the pattern on Midcurrent. Popovics’ pattern used two-stage epoxy, which looked great but was a little tough to work with. There are now better ways to skin that cat.

In this great video, Tim Flagler of  Tightline Productions shows you how to create a killer Surf Candy by using pre-made foils and UV-cure resins in the place of epoxy. (Click the links in the recipe below to find the specific materials you’ll need.) The resulting pattern looks like a real baitfish, and you don’t need to put them on a drying wheel overnight. By the way, although this is a classic saltwater pattern, it works great for warmwater species, as well.

          Surf Candy
          Hook:  2X-heavy, 2X-short tarpon hook (here, a Mustad C68SZ), size 1/0.
          Thread: Clear monofilament, .006.
          Belly: White Clear Candy Crush Niceabou.
          Back: Olive Candy Crush Niceabou.
          Head/body:  Fleye Foil, medium.
          Lateral line:  Pearl Flashabou.
          Coating #1: UV-cure resin (here, Solarez), thick.
          Coating #2: UV-cure resin (here, Solarez), thin.
          Coating #3: UV-cure resin (here, Solarez), ultrathin.
          Tools: Bodkin, scissors.

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