Video: How to Tie the Ugliest Fly in the World (Which Fish Love)

Here’s another “guide-fly” lesson from Alvin Dedeaux of All Water Guides. (Or, as he calls them, “super easy to tie, down and dirty, quick and easy, fish-catching guide flies.”) As Alvin says, he doesn’t want to create flies that are complicated or take a long time to tie because a client may throw it into the trees on their first cast. So he’s come up with variations on famous patterns that offer the same basic profile and motion in the water but are easier and faster to tie.

This one he calls the “ugliest fly in the world,” and although he mostly uses it for redfish, he says it’ll catch almost anything that swims. The pattern certainly isn’t going to impress your buddies, as it is little more than three clumps of deer hair and a pair of bead-chain eyes. But when Alvin is done trimming the head, you can see how it could be an imitation of a crayfish or a sculpin or a minnow.

          Alvin’s Ugly Fly
          Hook: Saltwater hook (here a Tiemco 811S), size 1.
          Thread: White, 3/0.
          Eyes: Bead chain, size to match hook.
          Body/tail: Two clumps of deer body hair.
          Head: Deer body hair, spun and trimmed.

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  1. La chaîne de perles, taille assortie au crochet a-T-il une charte pour déterminé la grosseur de billes au crochet. je vous remercie

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