Video: How to Tie Uke’s Brown Bug

Every once in awhile, you come across a fly pattern that just seems to work for you, in a variety of situations. (For me lately, this has been the Tunghead Hot Spot Pheasant Tail Jig in purple.) Last summer, while fishing in northwestern Montana with Linehan Outfitting Company, Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions was introduced to a simple Perdigon-looking nymph called Uke’s Brown Bug, and the fly has performed almost magically for him ever since. He’s caught big trout from Iceland to Argentina and everywhere in between, and it’s become one of his go-to patterns, whether he’s fishing a single nymph, a tandem rig, or a hopper-dropper setup.

In this week’s great how-to video, Tim shows you how to tie Uke’s Brown Bug, which is actually quite easy–if you do everything just as Tim shows you. From demonstrating how to properly orient the bead on the hook, to tying-in the red Ultra Wire so it doesn’t interfere with the tail, Tim’s instruction will help you become a better tier overall. He’s always focused on the best, most efficient way to perform each step, and we are all the beneficiaries of his genius.

         Uke’s Brown Bug
          Hook:  Barbless jig hook (here, a Lightning Strike JF2), sizes 8-18.
          Bead: Gold tungsten slotted bead, 7/64-inch.
          Thread: Rusty brown, 6/0 or 140-denier.
          Weight: Lead-free round wire, .020.
          Tails: Medium Pardo Coq de Leon fibers.
          Rib:  Red Ultra Wire, small.
          Body:  Tying thread.
          Head: Tying thread, colored with black permanent marker.
          Coating: UV resin or Sally Hansen Extreme Wear nail polish.
          Tools: Bodkin, plunger-style hackle pliers, whip-finish tool.

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